Make it pop. get noticed.

Vinyl Xpress prints a stellar backlit sign. All across Canada, we produce backlit signs for brands and creative agencies. We’re trusted for our expertise, quality care and quick turnaround times. Vinyl Xpress even ships internationally to get your backlit signs where they need to go.

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Our backlit posters or signs can be printed on two types of material. This Toronto backlit poster printing company uses two materials for backlit boxes. One is 8mil polyester backlit film that can be placed in a lightbox behind Plexiglas. The other is translucent vinyl that can be mounted directly onto the lightbox Plexiglas. Cause a stir around events, movies, in-store displays, promotions, advertisments, and interior décor. Get noticed with backlit signs from VX.

Vinyl Xpress VINYL graphics


VX Backlit Signs

  • Look great on almost any surface
  • Can be used to create lettering, logos, images, and decals
  • Perfect for in-store merchandising, window displays, promotional messaging, marketing on vehicles, and many other uses.
  • UV and scratch resistant prints

Quality Service

Backlit signs are great for making a print stand out. Having outdoor displays and advertisements on a backlit poster gets your message noticed all throughout the night. VX’s printers produce rich density, high-resolution images, even on translucent materials. We make your prints come to life.

Vinyl Xpress specializes in large format printing for all of your print and signage needs. In this vein, we can accommodate poster sizes up to 4.5 ft. wide and almost any length. This makes our solutions suitable for advertisements, window displays, in-store displays or décor. Don’t hesitate to ask us for guidance on how to get the maximum punch out of your backlit poster. After all, it’s VX’s fine service that makes the VX difference. Vinyl Xpress, we’re here to help you make the best prints possible.