Custom Items. Stunning Results.

Vinyl Xpress goes beyond large format printing, we provide custom signage and products including patterned cut outs, dimensional lettering, and POP displays. We use a CNC router to create one of a kind and standard items. With VX, you can do more.

What is a CNC Router? A CNC router is a cutting tool controlled by a computer. Any design can be inputted and produced to professional standards. CNC routers can cut through soft and hard materials for varied product types. It’s like magic, but it’s technology. Clients submit scalable vector artwork designed in CAD or Illustrator programs. These are the patterns our CNC router follows to create any product you have in mind. From foamcore POP display pieces, to wooden lettering and aluminum signage, CNC routing lets you be more creative. Stand out with our CNC routing services.

VX CNC Routing


VX CNC Routing

  • Create all the pieces to complete your marketing
  • Send in your own CAD or Illustrator vector scalable artwork
  • Make intricate cuts into vinyl prints
  • Produce signage with irregular shapes

One Stop Shop.

VX provides all of the services you need to create striking marketing campaigns. We’re all about large format prints and signage products, but we have specialty services like our CNC Routing, installation, graphic design, custom signage, and copywriting to help you look your best. Brands and creative agencies trust VX because we get the big picture, and we help you get desired results.

 CNC routing gives you more control of what your marketing materials look like. Think big because the possibilities are endless. This precise cutting, carving, and shaping tool can be used for anything from POP displays, directional signage, and intricately cut vinyl prints, to lettering, decorative items, and prototypes. We can produce items in a variety of materials from soft foamcore and plastic to wood, aluminum, and hard plastic. This range of materials gives you an even broader variety of options. Wow your audience with VX and CNC routing. For more information on how to make your marketing reach its full potential with CNC routing, just ask us! We’d be happy to chat with you about all your print and signage needs.