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Laminating and mounting services by Vinyl Xpress makes delicate prints more durable. Both laminating and mounting are cost-effective ways to make prints easier to handle and hardwearing.

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Mounting or laminating are great additions to inexpensively improve the structural integrity of a print. These methods add protection to your print or poster without compromising the quality of your images. Laminating covers your print in a thin film to protect it from weather, scratching and tearing.

VX VINYL graphics

Laminating and Mounting

  • Improves the durability and lifespan of posters & prints
  • Can be applied to pieces up to 54” wide and any length
  • Cost-effective solution
  • We ship internationally

VX Mounting

  • Improves the durability and lifespan of posters & prints
  • Can attach any size printout to a rigid material
  • Materials include foamcore, gator board, coroplast, acrylic, and PVC
  • We ship internationally

Quality Service

Mounting gives you the same assurance of image quality, but allows you to apply your print to a rigid substrate to enhance the resiliency of your piece. Improve your prints with VX.

VX prides itself on living up to the standards we set –and we set high standards. We have extensive knowledge of printing, signage making and marketing. Let us share it with you. We’re happy to help you with any marketing project you have on the go to get optimal results while keeping on deadline and on budget. Master of details, we execute every job with care and precision. Our team of professionals work hard to make sure you look awesome. That’s why brands and creative agencies turn to us for a trusted printing partner. Be bold. Use Vinyl Xpress.