Make An Impact. Create an Atmosphere.

Vinyl Xpress has the professional ultra wide printers required to produce vivid murals. Our large format printers can create murals as large as 8 ft. wide and up to any required length. Perfect for interior décor, outdoor statement pieces, tradeshows, and product launches, and window displays that take in their audience. The possibilities are endless. And this Toronto wall murals expert – VX can create every one of them.

A mural can dominate a space –in a good way. It can create an atmosphere. It can make an impression. We provide permanent, temporary, and repositionable murals to fill all of your needs. Make a large impact in a big way with VX.

VX Murals


VX Murals

  • Indoor or outdoor mural wrap printing
  • Print up to 8 feet wide and virtually any length
  • Long-lasting permanent murals
  • Temporary murals have low-tack adhesive for easy removal

Making a Mark.

The beauty of a large format print mural is the flexibility available to you. VX uses technology that allows you to accomplish more with a wall mural printing than ever before. We use high-resolution images to make a superior quality print for even the grandest of murals. Application is made easy by accommodating drywall, plaster, brick, concrete, and irregular surfaces. This means you can do more in any kind of space.

 Create dynamic prints with the durability to remain permanently outdoors. Produce repositionable pieces, great for displays that need to be moved around. Easy to install and remove, temporary murals give you the freedom to reimagine any space as often as you like. Choose murals for any of these reasons, then let VX do the printing for best results. Think big. Think bold. Think VX.