Make A Statement. Get Attention.

Posters remain a highly effective print piece for any company. This Toronto poster printing firm – VX provides the finest in digital printing to give you posters that will turn heads. Printing posters in bulk is an inexpensive way to roll out a marketing campaign across a city, or get attention within company branches.

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At VX we like to do things big. We can print posters up to 5 feet wide, and almost any length. However, we’re happy to provide posters of any size to suit your needs. Big or small, we print them all. VX covers all your printing needs, which means we can provide services to give your posters more stability such as laminating and mounting. Our mounting services can see your posters backed onto a range of rigid materials from foamcore to wood and metal. We also provide glossy and matte finish options to create exactly the look you’re going for. VX has all the resources to print you the perfect poster at a modest price.

VX Poster Printing


VX Posters

  • Posters of varying sizes
  • Print up to 5 feet wide and virtually any length
  • Cost effective and versatile
  • Perfect for promotions, tradeshows, events or giveaways

Poster Possibilities are Endless

Spread your message with posters. Marketing signage gets your message across quickly and effectively. Posters today can be used as part of larger window displays, to highlight items and sales in stores, to promote events, shows, and contests, or just to add some interesting graphics to blank space. They can become part of any space’s décor or advertise for your brand outside of your brick and mortar location. Despite changes in technology and marketing practices, people still pay attention to posters. A well-designed poster can make people aware of your brand and what you have to say. VX knows how to make your poster look great and stand out. Create a buzz, print your posters with VX.

VX specializes in large format printing for all of your print and signage needs. In this vein, we can accommodate poster sizes up to 5 ft. wide and almost any length. This makes our solutions suitable for advertisements, window displays, in-store displays or décor. Don’t hesitate to ask us for guidance on how to get the maximum punch out of your backlit poster. After all, it’s VX’s fine service that makes the VX difference. The best poster printing in Toronto – VX, we’re here to help you make the best prints possible.