Be Bold. Be Seen.

Vinyl Xpress is king of all things vinyl. We deliver the best in vinyl banners of all lengths and sizes. Companies choose VX for our expertise and great service.

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Our vinyl banners are durable and look amazing. Whether you need a small banner for a tradeshow table, or a massive, wide format banner for an outdoor promotion, we’ve got you covered. This Toronto signage and banner printing company can print banners that are up to 104” wide and as long as you like. Create a buzz for company events, in-store celebrations, and anything else you want to shout about. Make a scene with vivid vinyl banners from VX – one of the top printing companies in Toronto.

VX Vinyl Banners


VX Vinyl Banners

  • Vinyl banners of varying sizes
  • Large banners can be up to 104” wide (over 8 feet!) and virtually any length
  • Grab attention for any event
  • Durable vinyl printing, uses UV and scratch resistant ink

We make it Easy.

Looking for signage that grabs attention? Then look no further than VX’s vinyl banners. We have the technology to create eye-catching banners to make a statement with any message. Bold, colourful displays can be yours with VX. Our vinyl banners are resilient enough to be used again and again. Perfect for annual event signage, multiple tradeshows, portable displays, and permanent signage. All of our inks are UV and scratch resistant making our banners great for reuse. VX makes hardy vinyl banners.

VX’s vinyl banners are easy to set up for display with the option of rod pockets for fastening to walls or hanging from ceilings. We can also include grommets to allow for hanging your banners with wire. This flexibility allows you to put together the perfect display for all of your marketing needs. VX vinyl banners suit both short-term and long-term displays. Print bold, print with VX.